Net2Source benefits package includes:

[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11407″]MEDICAL
Provided by Anthem Blue Cross with multiple choices[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11405″]DENTAL
Provided by Anthem Blue Cross[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11409″]VISION
Provided by Anthem Blue Cross[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11408″]PAPERLESS PAY STATEMENT
View and manage your paycheck online[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11406″]FLEXIBLE SPENDING ACCOUNT
Pre-tax benefit for Medical and Dependent care[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11410″]CONTRACT EMPLOYEE
Net2Source pays contract employees on a weekly basis[/us_iconbox]
[us_iconbox iconpos=”left” img=”11420″]DIRECT DEPOSIT
Available to all employees[/us_iconbox]


Our Payroll and Benefits Department is always accessible to help you. We understand there is nothing more critical than an accurate paycheck, conveyed on time. We also understand that your healthcare coverage is a vital piece of your pay. It is our goal to answer all of your inquiries during the benefits enrollment process. Below, you will discover access to a few key online systems to enable you to deal with your payroll and benefits information. Net2Source is satisfied to offer advantages help through our Benefits Helpline. Anthem BlueCross Website for Payroll and Benefits Management Portal.

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